Magnetic breakaway machine torch mount.....

Affordable machine torch Protection for
entry level CNC Plasma Tables.



The original and best choice in machine torch protection for PlasmaCAM users.

The best entry level CNC plasma machine torch protection system on the market.

Developed by an experienced user
to make the job safer, faster and, more accurate.



It's no coincidence


Chose Snap 'n Cut as OEM supplier for the new range of
SGX DREAM MACHINE plasma tables.


There's been a new development for PlasmaCAM DHC2 owners, running Design Edge software.

A new USB connected auto stop device.
No wiring involved.....No wire splicing involved.
A simple plug and play, super effective auto stop.

Please contact me via email for options and pricing.

Mick Williams.



The Snap 'n Cut system is a no compromise answer to a plasma cutters prayer.

In case of a high speed torch collision, the Snap 'n Cut mount is designed to breakaway, saving the torch from damage and allowing fast, accurate reattachment.              



The Snap 'n Cut also allows for fast, safe consumable changes!

Instead of hanging upside down, skinning knuckles on grates and, dropping consumables into the bowels of the table or, snagging the ohmic sensing wire inside the holder back, the Snap 'n Cut mount simply breaks away, allowing you to change consumables comfortably outside the table area then, snaps back into place, accurately and securely.






Shown below is another great example of a user making good use of the mount.
Before the release of the universal mount, Tom purchased and retrofitted a DHC2 mount to his table.
The 25kg breakaway has ample clamping pressure to hold the Oxy Acetylene torch.

This is a no fuss accurate tool.

No more cussing, using tiny squares to try and align the hand torch to the material, using just the retainer as reference, instead it's just a simple matter of unbolting the original torch holder and, bolting the Snap 'n Cut in place.

Because all aluminium components are CNC machined, the Snap 'n Cut mount remains true and square to the material at all times.

All the aluminium components are anodized and, the metal plate is also zinc coated for added protection.

The Snap 'n Cut breakaway mount will accept all standard 1 3/8" (35mm) diameter air plasma machine torches,
it is not designed to mount hand torches.

***The new 125 mount also accepts the new 1.75" Hypertherm Powermax 125 machine torch***

It is particularly suited to the new range of Hypertherm Duramax quick release and retrofit range of torches.
The mini-machine torch is an obvious choice for its weight saving advantage.

Due to the design of the  PlasmaCAM & Samson DHC2 and DHC Snap 'n Cut  torch mounts, the machine torch actually mounts further away from the carriage so, also included with the PlasmaCAM package are, emailed plans
 for a vastly improved grate system, complete with revised table stop location points to suit the new mounting location of the machine torch, without any loss to the cutting area.
These plans enable the user to plasma cut the support frames themselves and, are designed to be easily replaced when worn out.
This advanced grate system has been in use for a number of years and, is being used by many happy PlasmaCAM users the world over.

One other bonus about using the Snap 'n Cut system is, because the machine torch does mount further away from the carriage, there is much less contamination of the Z axis rollers, which helps prevent the sticking of the Z axis that can happen with piercing blowback, it also aids in keeping the under carriage retaining springs cooler...a nice double bonus!!


If you're serious about your plasma cutting and, appreciate well built, accurate tooling
The Snap 'n Cut breakaway mount and grate system is just what the Doctor ordered.


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