Magnetic breakaway machine torch mount.....

Affordable machine torch Protection for
entry level CNC Plasma Tables.


Q: Does the Snap 'n Cut breakaway include a system cutout switch if the torch mount is dislodged?

A: This was the original answer.....No.....Because different tables utilise different software, it would be difficult to supply a one switch fits all scenario.
Plus, it would be a relatively simple job for a user to fabricate a mount and fit a proximity switch.
Not including a switch also keeps pricing low.

Todays answer is somewhat different.
There is now a complete, all position machine stop device however, at present it is only available
for PlasmaCAM DHC2 tables, running Design Edge software.
This device simply plugs into any available USB port on the controlling PC.
There is no splicing of wires, opening of control box or plasma cutter required.
This really is a simple, plug and play device which, can also be utilized as a perimeter safety cut out, in schools, factories, etc.

Q: Does the Snap 'n Cut breakaway have a safety line to prevent the torch from falling into a water table?

A: No....Since the Snap 'n Cut is designed for entry level X-Y plasma tables, I figured users would be at the table when cutting so, even if the torch did fall into a water table, it wouldn't be there for long and, a quick blow out with shop air would have it dry in no time.

Plus, leaving out a safety line also saved on cost.

If it did present a problem for anyone, it would be a relatively simple job to retrofit a safety line. 

Q: Does the Snap 'n Cut mount have a slot to accomodate the machine torch gear rack?

A: No...... Because the Snap 'n Cut was designed primarily for PlasmaCAM and Samson DHC2 tables which have digital height control and, ohmic material sensing capabilities,  I saw no real need to allow for fitment of something that is a carry over from Oxy cutting plus, I didn't include a slot to keep weight, size and pricing down.

Plus, deleting the gear rack makes it a whole lot easier to rotate the torch to position the
 ohmic sensing wire connection.

 So.... if you're using an earlier model machine torch with hard mounted gear rack, this will have to be removed prior to fitting the Snap 'n Cut breakaway mount.

The new range of Hypertherm Duramax torches have quick release racks.

Q: Will there be a model for mounting hand torches?

A: In a word, No.

The whole idea of the exercise is, to get away from the hand torch compromise
 and, make the whole experience more accurate and safer.

Q: Does the Snap 'n Cut breakaway mount also fit the PlasmaCAM DHC table?


Due to a resurgence in DHC Snap 'n Cut orders, the mount is now back on the market.

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