Magnetic breakaway machine torch mount.....

Affordable machine torch protection
 for the majority of entry level CNC Plasma Tables.

All high end industrial CNC Plasma tables have some form of torch breakaway.

Now it's time for entry level tables to have similar protection!


The Snap 'n Cut plasma torch protection system was originally developed in 2010 to suit
 PlasmaCAM & Samson tables, then in 2011 a universal mount was added,
able to be fit by the user of almost any entry level table. 

2015 saw another development, with the inclusion of a USB auto stop interface, to suit PlasmaCAM DHC2 tables, running Design Edge.



                            (Universal mount)                                                                                                                          (PlasmacCAM DHC2 mount)



The Snap 'n Cut breakaway system is the answer to a plasma cutters prayer!


The Snap 'n Cut is manufactured in several different versions:

PlasmaCAM DHC and DHC2 tables. (GoTorch, 4X4 and, Samson)

Universal mount for most tables.
** All are available in 35mm and Powermax 125 configurations.**

The universal Snap 'n Cut breakaway mount shown below, is made to suit the majority of entry level CNC Plasma tables.

 It comes with two mounting points through the base plate and, a further two threaded screw holes on both side faces, making for easy mounting to almost any system.
(Allen head mounting screws and drilling template supplied)

All Snap 'n Cut mounts are supplied with a minimum 20kg clamping pressure design.

We have always used Rare Earth Neodymium magnets.

All mounts have secure locating lugs and, are devoid of novelty items.




 ** If Snap 'n Cut saves your torch once ** 
 **  It's paid for itself  **  


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